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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing KAMISETA HOTEL. The prettiest hotel in Baguio City! We are pleased to have your reservation with us. Please find time to check all details of your reservation and should you find error in any of the information below, kindly reach out to us at your soonest available time.


2. Room rates are quoted in Philippine Pesos (PHP), including (e.g Breakfast)

3. Check-in time: 2:00PM; Check-out time: 12:00PM. Request for early check-in before 2:00PM and/or late check-out up to 2:00PM shall be subject to the prevailing occupancy of the Hotel.

4. On the agreed day of departure, check-out is at 12:00nn at the latest. After that time, the hotel can charge 50% of the agreed price of the room for the additional use of the room up until 4:00PM , and 100% from 4:00PM onwards.

5. Children below nine (9) years old sharing room and bed with parents shall be free of charge. Above the minimum capacity per room type shall be charged PHP 1,750 for extra person with extra bed and one (1) free breakfast ;other Extra persons will be charged 1,000 per head count without breakfast

6. The booker shall request rebooking at Kamiseta Hotel (contact numbers to follow).

            *1 week prior to arrival will be FREE of charge.

            *3 days prior to arrival will be added a 50% charge of the amount you paid on your booked room as a rebooking charge. 

7. Hotel will not allow cancellation of guaranteed bookings nor will refund payment but will allow rebooking valid for one (1) year.

8. Changing of reservation from peak season to lean season**, Guaranteed bookings are non-refundable and for excess payment due to room rate difference, guest can use it as consumables (e.g Extra beds, and other room charges)

9. Changing of reservation from lean season to peak season**, Guests are required to pay room rate difference based from peak season rate.

** Cancellation and rebooking policy may vary for promotional rates

10.The Reservation Confirmation Notice (RCN) received through email shall be presented upon check-in.

11.If you are the credit card holder, please present the credit card used at the Front Desk upon check-in.

12.If you are making payment using third party Credit Card (i.e You are not the Card holder) please present the following documents upon check-in:

    12.1.  Authorization Letter from the Card holder to be submitted to the Front Desk Officer.

    12.2.  Photo copy of the Credit Card used (front only) for verification only. credit card facility accredited with the Hotel.

    12.3.  Photo copy of the valid ID of the Credit Card holder (front and back) to be submitted to the Front Desk Officer.

    12.4.  Photo copy of your valid ID (front and back) to be submitted to the Front Desk Officer.

    12.5. All rooms are good for two  any additional extra person will be charge 1,000 per head/ per night. Extra amenities and toiletries are also with charge.



The reservation can be guaranteed by providing a fullpayment (not later than 24 hours after the reservation has been made). 

In case of non guaranteed reservation, the hotel keeps the right to sell the room to another person.


#20 Villamor St.,Barangay Lualhati


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